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धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः meaning those who protect Dharma are protected by the Dharma has been the guiding principle of Chaitanya Legal Service & Research Center (CLSRC), established on February 04, 2020 under the prevailing Company Law of Nepal. CLSRC has always been committed to deliver professionally efficient and effective services as a full service law firm. We strongly reaffirm our faith in serving the delivery of justice to every person in injustice. Regarding our business and corporate clients, we have been providing comprehensive legal counseling and facilitating corporate compliance as per the existing Nepal Laws. Moreover, CLSRC is not just a law firm. As a research center, we have always prioritized developing and generating resources as well as conducting research in various areas of law and justice. We firmly believe in engaging ourselves with the law colleges and universities in Nepal and abroad. CLSRC is equally concerned in conducting both Fundamental and Applied research. We believe that continuous research engagement helps to deliver quality service to our clients and contributes to the society and nation as well. We reaffirm our commitment towards the socially responsive professionalism, professional ethics and Law Practitioners' Code of Conduct.

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Advocate Nikesh Kumar Lamsal

Founding Managing Director

Chaitanya Legal Service and Research Center


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Advocate Rajendra Pandey

Managing Partner

Chaitanya Legal Service and Research Center


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Advocate Kusum Nagarkoti

Legal Officer

Corporate Department


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